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Yep, that piece of cookware up there is my money saver. It has saved me hundreds of dollars because I have a gas powered grill that is totally rusted out and garbage but the flames still work and that’s all I need for the Little Griddle. I cook on this thing three or four times a week – burgers, hot dogs, chicken, Teppanyaki. It’s always good and it catches all the grease and it’s a very easy clean up. I will talk about it much more in other posts. Fair disclosure, if you hop over to Amazon and buy one I will make a little money, but I will only ever endorse products that I believe in. This one works, it’s truly amazing. The cross bracing allows for even heat. It’s big enough for a fair pile of food, and I leave it on the grill to cool and clean it the next day, or even days later. The thing does NOT rust ever. Please click below to go to the Little Griddle website. If you leave this page but find the Little Griddle later in your travels and buy it, you can tell them you read about it here and I will also get credit.

Here’s my Little Griddle with some burgers on it. Note the grill gates underneath it are rusted out but the Little Griddle still works great.
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